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About Us

The Guys

Five Watt Coffee was founded by Lee Carter and Caleb Garn in 2014. With similar coffee philosophies, it was only time before they got together to start Five Watt Coffee. Caleb works closely with our General Managers, and Lee oversees the beverage program alongside the Lead Baristas.

The Baristas

We love to get to know everyone that stops by the shop. Don't be surprised if we know your name, remember your regular drink order, or dish out high-fives across the bar. Coffee is about connecting people. 

A Unicorn Named Fred

Over at our Kingfield location, we have a Rent By The Hour Unicorn Stable (it's open tomorrow). Fred The Unicorn is the manager of the stable, and is very friendly. He even loves coffee, too! We're letting him answer your coffee questions on our Facebook page. You ask the questions, he'll give the answers.

Boris Beltrami

The E. Hennepin location lives inside the Miller Textile building, former home of the Miller Bag Company. The building is rich with history, including the story of one very interesting man named Boris! Boris was an eccentric, adventurous, and innovative inventor that was well ahead of his time. Stop by our E. Hennepin location to learn more about him: we've compiled a comic book that shares his story and some of our favorite inventions!


News & Media


Coffee Shop Offers Local Brew With Bitters

May 21, 2014 — There's a new coffee shop in the Twin Cities. Its brew comes with bitters in it, even though bitters are more commonly thought of as an ingredient for cocktails, not java.

City Pages' The Hot Dish

First Look: Five Watt Coffee in Kingfield blends coffee and cocktail bitters

May 13, 2013 — Just over a week ago, the Kingfield neighborhood welcomed Five Watt, the newest addition to Minneapolis's flourishing coffee scene. Five Watt is a community-oriented coffee house serving specialty drinks and high-quality coffee.

City Pages' The Hot Dish

Five Watt Coffee coming soon to Kingfield

December 4, 2013 — The shop's owners are Caleb Garn and Lee Carter, alums of Bull Run Coffee who decided to break out on their own and open an entirely new place powered by a "less is more" philosophy.

Southwest Journal

Five Watt Coffee coming to 38th & Nicollet

December 3, 2013 — The Five Watt Coffee shop opening around the New Year at 38th & Nicollet has its roots in the founder's former music studio.

Heavy Table

Five Watt Coffee, Coming Soon

November 27, 2013 — Caleb Garn and Lee Carter look like an odd couple. After talking to the guys about their forthcoming coffee shop, Five Watt, it’s clear that looks aren’t everything.